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    WD's Opening Ceremony On March 23rd,2011

    Read3146   26,2011

    Dear Valued Customers,

    As we know, 2010 has already passed silently. Weide Heads has gone through a exactly brambly way since from the foundation of project to the preparation of the investment, from the development of the main equipments to the allocation of the auxiliaries, from the buildup of the structure to the running of the system, from the obtaining of the completely 6 certificates to the fully fanning of heads-manufacturing, from the establishment of WDs plant to the visualizing of WDs brand rudiment , from the customers confirmation of the production to the layout of the bright long-dated future.

    Naturally, WD will demand ourselves with strictly standard The Topping Head-Manufacturer in China, The First-Rate Head-Manufacturer around the world. To Create  the world-wide brand Weide Heads with professionally, sweepingly, high-technology, modernizing skills in omnidirectional field.

    We would like to thank you for your business cooperation by inviting you to WDs  Opening Ceremony On March 23rd, 2011(Wujin Holiday Hotel).

    WDs Opening Ceremony is by invitation only. We look forward to seeing you that day. To Share the Friendship with WD, To discuss the bright future business with WD.





    President: Qian Fengming

    General Manager: Wang Jian


    Jan. 8th 2011




    Last Updated: 2014-10-8



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