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    In Turning Crises Into Opportunities In the Transformation And Upgrading.

    Read:4300   31,2010
    In turning crises into opportunities in the transformation and upgrading
    - Dialogue Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Changzhou Weinuo De Qian Feng-ming, Chairman
    Source: Daily News on July 30, Wujin, page A6 □ Zhou Lingfang Gongwen Wei Zhang's phase / Venturi

    Background dialogue
    After nearly two years of intense construction, was established in May 2008, Changzhou Wei Nuode Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was officially put into operation in March this year. Snow Yanzhen the statistics show that sales of the company after commissioning a fire, a few months then the output value 60 million yuan, sales of 58.38 million yuan, is expected to be completed during the year sales 250 million yuan, as the snow is another weir of industrial economies support force. Although the setting up time is very short, but Weinuo De robust machinery for its own R & D, manufacturing capacity and continue to catch up, the pursuit of excellence in the development of philosophy, has been in the industry formed a good reputation. With the company's internal production operations software and hardware facilities, continuous improvement, they are using the globalization of strategic vision planning for the future, determined to completely break down foreign technology and equipment in the industry monopoly, China and the world's largest and most Brand influential head professional manufacturer. Business: snow Yanzhen, you have a relatively high profile entrepreneurs, can be a lot of people mention your name, often habitually called you to, "Polan Wang", the nickname with the history of what you grow related? Qian Feng-Ming: If the clock back 25 years, you will see a dark, thin boy, often riding an old bicycle in the snow weir march the street, he was out of the house the morning when the rear frame the clamps a few empty She Pidai, Return often carrying several packages of heavy things. The boy is me, then only 16 years old. At that time I often use summer vacation to help his father out scrap metal collection. Early masters of the poor children, as long as the school holidays, I thought to share responsibility for the father, began to follow him out of a study collection of scrap iron, not long before I can alone travel extensively, call her to buy a used goods. 10 years down, I traveled the most of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, in the accumulation of "pot of gold" at the same time, unknowingly neighbors, who called "Polan Wang." In fact, "Polan Wang" This title does not mean anything derogatory, and have actually inspired me to always temper their fighting spirit to overcome the difficulties. Business: growing up as a poor peasant entrepreneurs, you feel in the business process, spiritual qualities which are most in need? Qian Feng-Ming: In 1994, I'm 25 years old, no longer satisfied with the acquisition of scrap metal, and after some ideological struggle, I took opened his own name of "Feng Ming Metal Casting Plant", in the acquisition of scrap metal at the same time, renovation of the old metal, huh, but also outside the family on contract production of metal parts. Cultural knowledge of the shallow, and set up factories lack of experience, these have become the start of business the "stumbling block." But I think, no experience can learn, no business can take Chuang. It was with this most simple idea and an e competitor, I in the vast sea career in business 10 years. Of course, with ideas and passion does not work, the failure of several steel trade, so that cost me dearly, businesses nose-dive once, this time, they need iron will and indomitable confidence. In 2005, I carries the money remaining in the 500,000 yuan, got 9 partner, incorporated in the Changzhou Wangzhuang Metal Casting Co., Ltd., in the steel trade, we continue to start in steel cutting and production of a number of mechanical parts business. Founded in the first year, sales to more than 20 million yuan, followed by production and sales volume increased significantly each year to the end of 2008, sales have both more than 40 million yuan. Business: From a small workshop process, annual output 40 million yuan to the village level, then the industry is now quite famous star every time you realize how leading companies across the? Qian Feng-Ming: Judging from the appearance, is three times across three stages, but during the development process or a solid sound, this is an accumulation of a continuing process. We all know that companies in the fierce market competition in an invincible position, and get healthy development, must take the transformation and upgrade path. In fact, as early as 2005, the establishment of Metal Casting Co., Ltd. Changzhou Wangzhuang the beginning, we engaged in supporting a multinational group of cutting carbon steel material wafer processing business. The Multinational Corporations in a head products, while the head of the Main Support as pressure vessel components, in the petrochemical, transportation, power generation, food, aerospace, defense, environmental protection, low temperature Denghangyezhong Guangfanshiyong. Head of industry is state supported, from the traditional mechanical separation of the industry's emerging industries. Recognizing this, I made a resolute decision in the snow Yanzhen caoqiao Industrial Zone, Changzhou Wei Nuode investors to set up machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with the relevant enterprises, specifically supporting these enterprises produce the required head before and after the Road machining processes. While the company developed steadily, the waves was underway - by the international financial crisis, in March 2009, a number of enterprise business contraction, forced to lift the relevant agreement. Wei Nuode encountered ice on, I again lost the crossroads exposure. To quit or rose to the challenge? Waiting for its negative than positive action. Since the market-depth research, high-quality head a great amount of potential demand, why not have "to eat a crab?" May 2009, I hesitate to seize the opportunity to make Weinuo De rapid transformation - huge investment, combined with advanced technology, independent R & D head molding equipment, specializing in "Wade Head" manufacturing. Business: Not long ago, came from the Wei Nuode an exciting message, your company independently developed by the 6600 tons Full computer control double-acting hydraulic press pressure test success, how you do it? Consolidate the industry in the process of status and influence, you think what the most critical factors? Qian Feng-Ming: Man is the first factor of production, talent is the most important resource. I think, enterprises can not develop without talent, and talent level of the higher concentration, the faster the development of enterprises. Therefore, we Weinuo De consistently eclectic ideas to attract talented people, whether technical or management of the backbone of the elite, as long as conducive to the development of enterprises, we have widely absorbed. With the support personnel, Wei Nuode development of the natural into the fast lane, but to lay status in the industry, it must come up with big competitive products. In just one year, the company combines advanced technology, independent research and development of the 6600 tons, 3000 tons, 680 tons full computer control double-acting hydraulic press, 2,000 tons of door-type press, 500 tons of modified press, become the best equipped in the world advanced and widest range of professional manufacturer of head. Among them, 6600 tons double-acting hydraulic press is the tonnage of the world's largest and most technologically advanced press, unique in the industry leader. Spinning machine is 10 meters in diameter the world one of the largest spinning machine. With the talent, technology, equipment is not enough, fast, efficient operation, is winning business real treasure. In the guiding ideology, in 2010, Wei Nuode truly enter into the development of the fast lane. The company has made manufacturing license A3 country head cards, the U.S. ASME U certificate, passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification audit, and will be early in August to accept the EU PED certification. Company has joined China Forging Association, China Chemical Equipment Association, China Pressure Vessel Society, the China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels. The company also plans to bottle this year joined the Association, the International Container Association. Business: Head promising industry, please Development of combined company, to look ahead at the future development pattern. Qian Feng-Ming: There Weinuo De continuously improve the hardware facilities and software systems have been formed, the head of production assembly line has been formed. With this year's projects are all put in place, in equipment, technology and management aspects will be in the industry-leading level. 2010, the company plans to produce 10,000 tons of head, to achieve sales 250 million yuan, profits and taxes 60 million yuan. 2011, is expected to achieve sales over 400 million yuan, profits and taxes over a hundred million. Our goal is that after 2-3 years of efforts, a thorough break down foreign technology and equipment in the industry monopoly so Weinuo De China and the world's largest and most influential brand head professional manufacturer, creation of independent national brand in China, promote the development of international trade to contribute to.

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