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    Zhangjiagang And Changzhou City Court Special Prosecutor Leaded His Party to Survey WD.

    Read:3384   29,2010
    July 28 afternoon, a special prosecutor to Zhangjiagang Hua Yuan Ho, vice president and his party headed by 7 and special inspection of Changzhou Institute, headed by Vice President Mao Xiaohu line 5, the head Supervision and Inspection on braving the heat to inflammation to visit our company and research. First, Wang Jian, general manager of the company described in detail the development, current situation and goals, the company quality assurance division Shen Zhong Yun introduced quality assurance and product monitoring of checking of the situation.

    Subsequently, in Wang, accompanied the guests visited the workshop with great interest, physical and chemical laboratories, libraries and other consumables; guests on the company's management level, scale and quality assurance capabilities fully affirmed. Finally, Changzhou, Zhangjiagang homes and homes on the head with issues relating to the Inspection carried out a thorough technical exchanges. Feng Ming, chairman of money also very much for taking the time and the guests on the company's development plan had a pleasant exchange.











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