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    District Party Leadership Came to WD For Guidance.

    Read:3396   14,2010


    Changzhou Municipal Committee, Wujin District Secretary No Information site about the processing head

         Source: Wu Release Date :2010-07 network access-13 19:00:02

         Wu network access (Reporter Han Hongjun) July 13, Changzhou Municipal Committee, Wujin District Secretary No Information, Wujin District party committee standing committee, led by Vice Mayor Zhang Jianxin District Development and Reform Bureau, by letter Bureau, Land Bureau and other departments responsible , on the snow weir, the former yellow, Bonnieux, Chow four towns in the industrial key projects conducted an investigation.

        Total investment of 210 million yuan of Changzhou Wei Nuode Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in March of this year officially put into operation in the snow Yanzhen. The company mainly engaged in manufacturing pressure vessel head, name as "Wade head." A combination of advanced technology, self-developed head forming special equipment is the world's one of the most advanced equipment, while the company is currently the most complete types of equipment in the most professional manufacturer of head, of which 6,600 tons double-acting hydraulic press is the tonnage of the world's largest and most technologically advanced press, unique in the industry leader, 10-meter spinning machine is the world's diameter, one of the largest spinning machine.

    Head this year plans to produce 10,000 tons, 250 million yuan to marketing, production and marketing in 2011 is expected to achieve over 400 million yuan. After 2-3 years of efforts, Wei Nuode expected to completely break down foreign technology and equipment in the industry monopoly, China and the world's largest and most influential head the brand manufacturer.

    When he learned all too late overtime production company, No Information, said Wei Nuode from scratch, from small to large, out of a characteristic development, technological innovation and fast development, road back to society. He hoped Wei Nuode to the quality of products, the technological innovation, the training staff and management of the enterprise, the next step should be planning for the development of the momentum Er, the larger the market share to Zheng Qu, will enterprises bigger and stronger, smaller products with large market to do.



     District party leader to visit Weinuo De 6600T double action hydraulic press

     Qian Feng-ming, chairman of the company to report operating status

     Shen, secretary of the meeting summary


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