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    Name:張健 張珊珊
    Department:管理部 人事處

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    WD's Expo Touring

    Read:4245   14,2010

    【 Editor's Note】  Staff to broaden their horizons and enrich cultural life of employees, 10 June, the company I Weinuo De organization staff visited the World Expo in Shanghai. Many employees were surprised by the profound cultural and infection Expo, coming back to have to write their feelings and experiences. Now capture 2 for the exchange of information.



     Display themselves, Dress up in life - Expo Line Essay


     Shanghai World Expo, attracting the attention of countless people, swaying with countless dreams. In order for us to participate in the Expo, feeling in the world, the company specially organized a day tour the Expo staff.

    With vision and expectations of the Expo, June 10, we embarked on a journey, more than two hours by car, we finally came to the Expo for a long time hope touristic. When we witnessed the World Expo Axis and the elevated trail of the atmosphere, a taste of the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and the magnificent World Expo, to be a number of unique design, innovative types of venues are full of fascination, all of which, like the one embedded in the Huangpu River Brilliant bright pearl, so that we produce too much sigh and daydream ...

    In fact, the large community we live in, little to our business, or every person, no Expo exhibitors are you? Those of the Expo Hall, the show features how to make and how to get visitors to the popular, it is their mission, but a business, or a person, and how modern society to show their elegant demeanor gained popular of recognized it, it should be our pursuit. Maybe the competition will go through many ups and downs, maybe even a lot of frustration, but as long as we carefully running his own world, adhere to the spirit of their own home, maybe we will see a different world, the sky will also gain a greater . By that time, private enterprises in China joint museum, perhaps there really head of the exhibition Wade; to time, we may really become a WD staff, "Wade Head," the first head of this brand hero!

    Time will not stop for us and then there is always a good show when the curtain call. Tour Expo day passing by, tomorrow, how do we show self? And how Dress up life? Expo Tour gave me such a positive and clear perception ... ...



     Tired, but very happy! - My Journey Expo


     June 10, kind of weather, gave us a comfortable cool weather, I feel comfortable to visit the many exhibition hall.

    Magnificent World Expo site, queuing pending concept seems to have become a required course for the World Expo, has become the park a beautiful scene line. Both import and export of the park or the exhibition hall at the entrance of the channel, even before the trail is the cash register, we will see the queue awaiting crowd. I am petite, no more strength to fight a war of attrition with the tourists, so I chose to visit the museum some of the smaller countries, not the popular exhibition. Although they have not the magnificent Great Hall, not the stunning looks, but it does have some other unique flavor.

    Into the Turkish Pavilion, as if his transfiguration into archaeologists, exploring their original culture, and appreciate the ancient wisdom of the people; in the Philippines Museum of City of Life, the body can not help with the dance with the music, the kind of rhythm telling me: music without borders; Monaco Museum, the map can not be marked on the name of the country, land was small, but we see their happy life, there are dreams for the future of their APIs, so that We understand the history of Monaco, who described the future, let us believe in fairy tales is not a dream that one day also become a reality; Belgium, the European Union Museum, dazzling diamonds, fine chocolates, are shining in the visitor memory Deep ... ...

    The world gathered here, cultural blend in here, the information shared here. Shanghai, focusing the attention of the number of people ah! As a Chinese, I am proud, very proud. Perhaps only visited after they realized how big the world, knowledge how wide how deep culture. Expo, brings us not only enjoy the visual and cultural exchanges, but also philosophy - "Better City, Better Life" continuity.

    Expo day trip, tired, but very happy!







    Last Updated: 2014-10-8



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