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    Name:Shan-Shan Zhang

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    WD Organized The First Staff Training Course.

    Read:3695   27,2010

        At the spring. Carries the hopes of people of all Weinuo De, after the company pre-Personnel intense preparation, the company officially launched the first corporate training.
        The full training in three batches, alternating training is divided into four parts: First, interpretation of companies led by the company philosophy, and staff safety education, this part is mainly to let us Weinuo De employees to a deeper understanding of the company's culture, so that it can melt into the Wei Nuode faster team, also asked the staff to enhance safety awareness and abide by the security policy, the real possible trouble. Second is the introduction of basic knowledge of head, head the staff to understand the characteristics of the system, uses and knowledge, the staff of the head create a strong sense of intimacy and create a sense of responsibility to improve the staff's head a certain quality of manufacturing operations. Then is the head manufacturing process in the working procedure of the detailed decomposition shows that this part is open to every employee can understand the working procedure of the requirements and duties of each position, with special emphasis on the points of attention, to ensure product quality and lay a certain basis. Finally, the training results of this investigation and tracking, and trainees for a unified examination.
        Through the first batches of information collection and induction training, we believe that this training is reasonable, content appropriate, organized, good discipline, to achieve the desired results.
        Training is the largest employee benefits. The general knowledge training, not just corporate development, more staff development. After training, all for "Wei, Connaught, Germany" concept pride; After training, we were more consciously assume responsibility Weinuo De; After training, we believe the future of the company and employees even better.
        We will sum up experiences, and continuously improve our training and strive to achieve optimal training benefits.


    Written by: Shan-Shan Zhang

    Editor: Gong Director

    Image processing: Liu Li

    Date: March 27, 2010



    Last Updated: 2014-10-8



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