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    中文 Consultation Add to Favorites  
    Oct 20,2010 Publicized Flake
    21,2011 The Trail Pressing of WD's 2200T Dishing Press succeeded.
    21,2011 WD Obtained "Private Enterprise of Technology , Jiangsu Province".
    21,2011 Warmly Celebrate WD's Consummation of The Opening Ceremony
    23,2011 WD HEADS CUP, Top Line & Second Line Press Contest
    26,2011 WD's Opening Ceremony On March 23rd,2011
    26,2011 WD's Newly-built 4m Spinning Machine Has Been Put Into Use.
    Dec 22,2010 WD Put Across The Authentications of ISO14001&GB/T28001
    Nov 14,2010 WD Participated in The 12th China Gases Forum
    Nov 2,2010 The Monthly-Production of WD Heads Broke Through 1000-Tons.
    Oct 20,2010 WD Participated in The 4th China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of Pressure Vessel and Pressure Conduit Technique and Equipment
    20,2010 The Cutting Division of WD
    17,2010 Obtained The Qualificatioan Authentications of PED, The Welding Technics Assessing, NDE And Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (Aisa)
    13,2010 Congratulations to WD of Getting the ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certificate On Aug. 5,2010
    13,2010 WD 6600T Double Hydraulic Press Started The Mass Production
    3,2010 Firmly Focused on Confidence, Quickly Into The Strong Development.
    31,2010 In Turning Crises Into Opportunities In the Transformation And Upgrading.
    29,2010 Zhangjiagang And Changzhou City Court Special Prosecutor Leaded His Party to Survey WD.
    17,2010 On June 21st, 2010, Obtained NB U.S. Pressure Vessel Registration
    17,2010 Certificate of Authorization From the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors was obtained on June 21.

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